I've been shooting for just over 10 years now and always strive to capture the most honest view of my subjects, with an "editorial" style in the mix.


I make a point to create a personalized, easy-going, relaxed atmosphere during our session. The more comfortable you are with your photographer, the more comfortable you'll look in the photos... and that's what casting directors want to see, a confident and comfortable looking you.


Whether you're new in the industry or a seasoned professional, I'll be there to walk you through this or listen and adapt to what you know works best for you, we'll learn together what makes our work stand out the most. 


When you arrive, we'll go through your wardrobe, chat about what looks you'd like to capture and like any good team, work together to achieve just that.


A session usually runs between 2 to 2.5 hours, but ultimately I don't like putting time limits on my sessions so we can get what we need from the session without feeling rushed.


Let's shoot!