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"I'm not good in front of a still camera... 

and generally think getting new headshots is a drag, but shooting with Timmy was a blast. His calm yet slightly comedic style put me at ease, allowing Timmy to capture the moment and me. The shots we got pop, and from the start to finish the experience was great. Dude's got skills."  - David Coe​


​"Having your picture taken can be stressful...

let alone getting your headshots done. However, having them done by Timmy is a totally different story. From the time you book your shoot to when you pick your final selections, Timmy is ridiculously helpful. During the shoot, never for one second, did I feel self-conscious or uncomfortable. Timmy makes you feel so welcome and relaxed, cracking jokes, giving you his full attention and making sure that he captures who you really are. In the end I got some truly outstanding shots that are everything a headshot should be: they are stunning, unique, they stand out and most importantly, it really captures me at that moment. I really couldn't be happier with my experience."   - Holly Leveque​

"Timmy was a fantastic choice... 

I have to congratulate myself for making the decision to go with him for my headshots! From the first contact on the phone he was friendly, informative, direct in his advice on things like what to bring and whether to use makeup, and so professional. At the shoot, he chose a really unique location which made for great pictures and made sure I was comfortable at every step along the way. We laughed, we sang, we danced, we made some great pictures and I thank him so much for that!.  - K.S

"Hey, Timmy is your person...

Not only is he a great photographer but he's also in loop of things. He auditions & he's in the new GIECO commercials. With that information he knows what casting, commercial, theatrical agents are looking for when it comes to head shots. So why wouldn't you take pix with someone who is actively in the game like us. TIMMY IS THE MAN! Need I say more?  - Swins Jean-Charles

"AMAZING pics and fun shoot...​

Timmy makes you feel at ease and knows exactly what casting agents are looking for! Great results and extremely reasonable prices. I recommended him to all of my friends already!!​ - Samantha Dawn

"Easy to schedule with.. easy to plan with...​

Easy to talk to..  easy to strategize with.. and easy to shoot with.  Post shoot he was quick, and receptive to my questions and got me what I needed very quickly. His affordability, and complete lack of stress during the shoot, not to mention the quality of the shots I got from my shoot, makes this headshot photographer a no brainer for someone looking for the shot they need right now!

Timmy's a great choice.  - Ryan Greene

"Timmy's photos are vivid...​

and he has the ability to make all subjects look achingly beautiful. Even when you're bloated, half cocked, unsure, or feeling shy. He breaks right thru it and shepherds you into glory. His work has the perfect balance of editorial and industry expectations when it comes to headshots"​ - J. Nicole Brooks​

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